Why is there no sound on YouTube on my iPad?

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YouTube is a one stop destination for all the entertainers, be it watching movies / playing songs etc. Hey but what if you are in the middle of a party, your playlist is prepared and you have just played a video on the YouTube media and the song turns on without sound! Such a bizarre experience it would be, ease out it’s not happening even if it does our blog is a perfect solution for the basic fix to avoid this problem in near future. Read it out loud with focus, you might be the next party breaker and your YouTube might trouble you.


YouTube not playing sound is an absolute joke, but anything is possible these days. If that happens first try to increase the volume by pressing the upper sound button of the device. If it's still an issue, check if your phone is not silent, this might also trigger the issue of no sound playing on YouTube media. Try to restart your device by simply holding the side button of the volume by the time it appears red, simply slide down and just keep patience by the time apps are loading. Try other ways by redownloading the YouTube application, as there might be a glitch with the server in short relaunch the application.


These are the basic fixes you must give a try if your YouTube has no sound. Your problem is more likely to be solved after you are done with these initial steps.