Why is My Instagram Not Refreshing Or Loading?

Even though Instagram is a very popular application and faces very less issues but there are many users who have stated that they are not able to refresh their Instagram feeds. Hence, we are here to tell you why wont instagram refresh and what you can do to fix this issue and resume the efficiency of your Instagram account. 


Simple Methods to Fix Instagram Refresh Feed Error

Do not worry too much and follow the methods that we have given here to fix the issue of the Instagram feed not refreshing
1. Check your Internet connection
Many people often think that their Internet is working fine but let me tell you that your internet connection is the most common reason your Instagram feed is not refreshing. You need to ensure that the network connection that you are using is strong and stable and is working efficiently. You can run a speed test to see your internet speed. 

2. Set your date and time correctly
Another thing that you may not know is that if the date and time of your mobile are not set correctly then, your feed will not refresh and you will face the issue of Instagram cannot refresh the feed. Hence, we recommend that you set the time and fate of your mobile phone automatically according to your country’s location. 

3. Remove the account and then log in
While there is no proper reason for this, sometimes logging out and then logging in to your account again can help fix this issue. This refreshes the application and gives your account a new start and this is why you can try this method to see if you can refresh your Instagram feed without any difficulty. 

4. Clear the cache data
If you are thinking why does my Instagram say couldn't refresh my feed then, a major reason for this issue can be the cache data of the application. If there is too much cache data in your application then, you might face some issues with the application and this is why we recommend that you clear the cache date of the application from the settings of your mobile. 

5. Restart your device
If you think that restarting or rebooting the device will not help you in any way then, let me tell you that if your restart your device then you can fix some simple bugs and glitches of your device as well as the application. 


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