Why Do YouTube Videos Pause Every Few Seconds?

Suppose you are watching a video and halfway through all of the sudden it suddenly stops automatically and keeps on doing it, just imagine the frustration level.

Many youtube users have reported that they have encountered issues such as youtube stopping automatically or youtube video keeps pausing which makes them insane.

Keeping this in our mind and understanding the plight of sufferers, we have designed a Thai article with all the potential fixes which will assist in resolving your query "why does my youtube keep pausing?"

So, let's move to the fixes.


Fixes to Resolve Youtube Automatically Stops Issue

As we mentioned above, here are the fixes that will resolve your query "why youtube suddenly stops?"

  • Make sure you are connected to a stable and fast Internet connection that is capable enough to load a youtube video.
  • Turn off the youtube Auto pause feature or tweak it by installing extensions such as Autotube etc.
  • Try to clear the cache and data of the Youtube app as sometimes an abundance of cache and data could give birth to such issues.
  • Deleting stored data and cache of browsers may also resolve this issue titled '" why does my youtube keep pausing".
  • Check whether the "Remind to take a break" feature is on or not, if it is on turn it off to keep yourself away from such issues.

These are some of the potential fixes you can try to settle youtube's pausing issue and we hope that the fixes we have mentioned above will provide you desired outcomes.

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