What to Do if Your PC Won’t Go to Sleep?

It is quite common amongst us that whenever we are stepping away from our PC or leaving it On for a little while, we keep it in sleep mode. What the sleep mode does is keep your PC turned On while shutting down the screen. This is also beneficial for everyone else around you so they won’t be disturbed. But what if your computer won’t go to sleep? How can you fix that? Here’s the answer to it. Here are some quick fixes that you can use when your PC won’t go to sleep. 

  • Turn off your mouse temporarily so that it helps the PC to get into sleep mode easily. 
  • Sometimes the sleep mode of Windows is disabled, this is why it won’t allow your PC to get into the sleep mode, so make sure that it's enabled. 
  • Check for the last wake events on your PC to make sure that there's no internal issue. 
  • Try running the power troubleshooting, it often happens that you may have customized your power plan. And due to these changes, your PC is unable to get into sleep mode. 
  • It might also happen that the device connected to your PC might not be compatible with the latest Windows installed on your system. So check the compatibility of the connected device. 
  • Mostly, these sleep mode problems arise due to the complications between the software and the hardware of the system during its startup. Restart your PC in safe mode to tackle this issue. 

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