What Does NFS Mean on Wizz and Other Applications?

In the era  of social media platforms, uses of slang and acronym has become the top trending ways to communicate with other users to save time. So, it is necessary to catch up with all the acronyms used on various social media platforms to avoid miscommunication.
While scrolling the most popular social media platform Wizz, you might have encountered various.

One such new term is NFS that has been widely searched on Google and staying updated with all the songs and jorgons are pretty necessary. Users are eager to know what does nfs mean in wizz.

So, if you are among them, your search ends here. We have got you covered with all the meanings of the acronym NFS.  

What Does NFS Mean in Wizz?

In simple words NFS means “Not For Sale” which is used  to indicate that they are not willing to sell a specific item. It is used as a caption on any post featuring any specific item to denote that the item available in the post is not available to purchase.

You might be wondering what does nfs mean on wizz app. Its’s true, NFS is not relevant to the dating app Wizz, still it is used as social media have a different language of communication.