How to Use the My Eyes Only Feature of Snapchat?

Snapchat is a wonderful application that you can use to share photos and videos with your friends as well as take numerous pictures of yourself using different filters. This application is so wonderful that it has also taken into consideration the users need to keep some things private in the application and this is why there are a ‘My eyes only’ feature in Snapchat which keeps your selected pics and videos hidden from anyone who is looking into your Snapchat memories.


What is the “My Eyes Only” Feature?
In the guide, we are going to tell you how to open my eyes only on Snapchat but before that, you should know more about this feature. This feature of the application keeps all the sensitive snaps that you do not want to share with anyone in a different column which is password-protected. The password for this folder will be generated by you and it should be different from the password of the Snapchat application. 

This feature provides an additional level of security to your Snapchat account and photos. Another thing, to remember is that if you somehow forgot the password of my eyes only section then, it is impossible to get those photos back as when you reset the password everything will be deleted in the section. So, there is no way in which you will learn how to recover your eyes only pictures on Snapchat as there is no option present.


Steps to Use “My eyes Only” Feature
It is very simple to use this feature so you do not need to look too much for how to use your eyes only feature on Snapchat. You just need to long-press on any snap from the memories and then select the eyes icon which will prompt you to set up a password. And then continue to save it. 


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