How to Start A Streak on Snapchat?

So your friends finally made you join Snapchat and told you about streaks but you forgot or are still feeling puzzled?

Then, we can say that this article has come as a helping hand for you.

In this article, you will get acquainted with What are streaks as well as how you can start a Snapchat streak.

So, let's head as you are also eager to send snaps to your friends and want to create a streak.


What Are Snap Streaks?

Snap streaks are a Snapchat attribute to develop stronger amongst friends by sending snaps to each other. When two Snapchat users send snaps to each other for 3 days straight without breaking them then it becomes termed "Streaks". Snapchat uses the 🔥 emoji for streaks along with the number which simply shows how many days you are maintaining the streak.

For instance:- If you and your friends are snapping at each other for 9 days straight, then it will show a fire emoji with the number 9 which shows your days of snapping.

The longer you and your friend send each other snaps, the more the snap score will increase.

Most importantly, if you somehow forget or fail to snap at your friend or whom you wanted to continue the streak within a 24 hours period of time, then it will go woosh!

Now that you have understood streaks' meaning in Snapchat it's time to check out how you can start a streak on Snapchat. 


How to Start A Streak?

As we have quoted above, Starting a streak is very easy and simple, all you and your friend or the second person have to do is send each other a snap for three days consecutively without breaking it and it will become a Snapchat streak.
You either ask them for the streaks and let it happen naturally.


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