How to Recover Your Facebook Account Without Email And Phone Number?



Facebook is so important in our day-to-day life. To get an early update about social life. But sometimes we lost our account by ourselves or by our careless nature. So by reading this blog you will get to know how to recover hacked Facebook account without email.


How to Recover A Facebook account without Mail and Password? 

1. Navigate to "Report Compromised Account"

  • Open the webpage and search for "Facebook account compromised".
  • Now press on Report Compromised Account by opening this page you will be able to recover your Facebook account hacked and email changed 2021.
  • After opening the page of report one you will come to My Account Is Compromised" and press that.


2. Enter your email address or mobile number and old password.

  • Then a page will open where you have to enter your old mail and phone number.
  • Now tap on search.
  • After searching you have to put your password.
  • By this tap on next.


3. Tell Facebook what's happening

  • Remember you can use this step if your Facebook account hacked email and phone changed 2021.
  • Now you will select any 1 option out of 5 According to your situation. The relevant options are:
  1. "Someone else is using my account without my permission"
  2. "I can't fit these options according to my situation"
  • By doing this you will Abe to tell what is happening to your Facebook account.


4. Change your password

  • Now you have to press on get started.
  • By this, you will Abe to check whether any changes are made to your account or not.
  • This will help you to reset your password. Now press on start.
  • Now make your new password and rewrite it in the box.
  • By this, your password is created.
  • The last step is to look at your recent post. 
  • Press on to continue after doing the last step. And now you have to look at your account a new post is posted or not.
  • If you want to remove then remove it or keep it in your keep it and then press finish. By this, your all steps will be finished and you can above all procedure if your problem of FB account is hacked how to recover.


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