How to Dial An Extension on Android?

How do phone extensions work? Well, the question is simple as most of the people that use extensions are from the corporate world.

In case you are also one such employee, read the blog till the end to know how to dial an extension for android services easily.

Ways on how to do dial phone number extension

  • Via Pause

This particular method includes the pause button, which allows you to automatically dial an extension. This method is usually recommended when the extension number can be entered as soon as the call has been answered. 

Simply open your contacts and click on the number that you wish to add an extension to. For you to edit the number, add a comma to the right end of your number via the pause button or with the use of the actual comma button. For example, if the number goes something like this 0444666888 and the extension is 255, then the final number should look like this, 0444666888,255.

This is one of the simplest ways to dial an extension on android with relative ease.

For more info, you may seek the help of a professional or you may contact the extension services.