How Do You Motivate Someone Who is Going Through A Tough Time?

While it is very simple and easy to share the joy and happiness of any person, it is entirely difficult when you see your loved ones going through some hard times. At a time like this, you feel that you should say something or do something which lessens their grief or even comforts them a little. And many people find it very difficult to choose the correct inspirations quotes for difficult times so, we are going to help you a little and tell you how you can best comfort your loved one.


There are certain difficult time encouragement inspiration quote that works in every situation and will provide comfort to them. You can use these quotes or say and try to share their grief.

  • “Dawn will Come”

You can tell your loved one that no matter how dark the current times are, there is always light after dark and dawn after night. You should tell them that it at a time when you see no option left you should wait for the upcoming future.

  • “Worrying Won’t Do us any Good”

Another quote that is a very good hard times quote is this. You should tell them that rather than procrastinating and worrying about a single problem and then harming themselves they should look for a solution as worrying will lead them nowhere.  

  • “Let’s consider the positive things”

There are many hard day quotes about positivity and it certainly is cliché for some people but remember that even a small flicker of hope can help a person very much. So, you should recommend and point out the positives of any situation if your loved one is too troubled by negative thoughts.

We hope that you take our advice and help your loved ones if they are in a troublesome situation and lead them the correct way.


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