How Do You Add Your Own Music to Snapchat 2022?

After much deliberation and waiting, Snapchat has finally introduced the feature to add music to your Snaps and Stories that you send on the application. While this feature was initially only available on iOS devices, now the feature this also available on Android devices and people can easily use the feature to add music to their snaps and stories. If you do not know how to do the same then, you need to read the guide to know how to add music to Snapchat. 

How can you Add Music to Snapchat?

It is not very difficult to know how to add music to Snapchat stories and you can easily do the same to make your snaps and stories more interesting with the help of the steps that we are giving here. 

  1. Open the application you will see the musical note icon on the sidebar on the Camera screen. 
  2. You need to press on the icon and after that, you will see two options from where you can choose music from. 
  3. You can select a music file from the features section and when this is done, you can easily choose the portion of the song that you want with the help of the slider. 
  4. Place the widget anywhere on the screen and then, click the snap. Press the Send button and you will see that the music will be added. 

These are the steps that you need to follow for how to put music on Snapchat story on the Snapchat application without any issues.


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