How Do I Hide My Followers On Instagram?

The popularity of Instagram has forced a lot of people to use the application and this has also prompted a number of people to hide their followers on the application. There can be a number of other reasons for the same but the most important thing that people wish to know is how to hide followers on instagram.

If you are also wondering the same then, you do not need to worry as the guide will tell you whether you can hide your followers on the application or not.

How Can You Hide Your Instagram Followers?

The first thing that you need to know when you wish to know how to hide your followers on instagram without private account is the fact that there is no direct way to do the same.

The only method that people have on the application that will allow them to hide their followers is to shift their account into a private account but, if you want do not wish to turn your account into a private account then, there is no method present for you on the application that will allow you to hide followers instagram.

You can also try to remove some people from your followers list if you do not want them to see your followers. This will remove the person as your follower and will prevent them from taking a look at your followers.

Apart from these two methods, Instagram has no direct method mentioned that will assist you when you wish to hide your Instagram followers from all the other users using the application.