Facebook is Not Working on my Phone! Here is What to Do?

Facebook is a giant social media with millions of users accessing it daily. There are some people who can’t go a day without this amazing app. Guess, how will they feel when they face different Facebook problems?  

So we are providing some valuable tips to follow when your Facebook account is not working on your device. 


How Will I Fix the Facebook Problem on my Phone?


1. Have a look if the app is updated completely: 

When you use the older version of the Facebook account without updating, it can crash often. So, update the app completely from the play store. 


2. Clear the Cache:

If you are having an android device, then it is a must to clear the caches that are stored up in the app. If for a longer period of time, caches are piled up this can lead to error facebook not working


3. Storage must be Considered:

In case, if your device has not had enough storage, then it is recommended to delete apps and unwanted photos. When there is a lack of storage, then you will not be able to access your Facebook account in peace. 


4. Other Tips:

  • You can log out from your Facebook account and then restart your device to check if the issue is fixed. 
  • Check whether your internet connection strength is strong. If it is weak, then you will certainly encounter Facebook app, not working issues. 
  • If there is any system upgrade available on your device, update it. 


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