Did Snapchat Remove the Ghost Trails Feature?

Snapchat is the most used social media app that is mainly popular for its unique and involving features. Moreover, another reason for its popularity is it provides higher security that lets the users use the app without worrying about their privacy.

From sending snaps to making scores on streaks, from sharing location on a story to checking the activity of your friends, every feature of the app is unique and involves a large number of users. Snap maps allow you to check your friend's past 24-hour activity(location) via the ghost trail feature. But these days it is missing from the app and people are wondering and asking did Snapchat remove Ghost Trail.

Ghost Trail Feature of Snapchat?

Users of snapchat liked each of its features except the ghost trail. Ghost Trail Snapchat is controversial among users. As they feel the feature breaches their privacy. Even if you haven't provided the app to access your location, your Snapchat friends could be able to see your activity on snap map.

Does Ghost Trail Breach Privacy?

Some users feel that Snapchat ghost trails breach privacy but only those friends could see your activity with whom you've shared location access. In that also, you can select the friends with whom you want to share your activity. So it doesn't breach the privacy but is necessary for security reasons.

Is the Ghost Trail Removed from Snapchat?

The feature is only available in the locations where Snapchat+ is available. Snapchat recently removed some of the features like mini-games, ghost trails, etc. and added some new features. Users are tweeting to confirm whether the feature is permanently deleted or not. To answer this, Snapchat tweeted that they have removed it from the app but there is still confusion about whether the removal is permanent or temporary. 
Now the users are asking for an alternative to the feature.