Best Ways to Fix If Gmail Is Not Working Properly

We are going to give you some common methods that will help you if you are wondering why isn’t my Gmail working. Use the solutions that we are giving you to fix the issues that you are facing with the Gmail application.

Ways to Troubleshoot Gmail if it is Not Working
All the methods that we are giving you here are accurate and reliable and we hope that you can solve your problems. 

1. Close and Reopen Gmail
The first solution that you can try if Gmail not getting emails is to close and then reopen the application. It is very important that you try this basic solution as it has proven to be very effective in different instances. This method patches up many technical glitches of the app and ensures good functioning.

2. Use Gmail in a different browser
If your Gmail not getting emails then, you can try to use any other browser to open the Gmail account. The problem that you may be facing with the application can arise due to its incompatibility due with the browser. So, use any famous browser like Chrome or Firefox and see if it fixes the issue.

3. Check the server status
You can also check the server status of Gmail if Gmail not working on android. You can use an application like Downdetector to see the server status of Gmail. If the server is down then you just need to wait for the services to resume and then use the application again. 


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